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2004-06-21 - 1:53 p.m.

I now present to you a correspondence between the father of a friend of mine (whom I'll call Mr. Friendfather)-- a very nice and respectful man in my experience--, and an employee of the Citibank Corporation (heretofore known as "the lady"), in regards to an unexpected rolling charge on Mr. Friendfather's credit card.

the lady: ( spoken in an Indian accent) Hello, thank you for calling Citibank, may I help you?

Mr. Friendfather: Hello! I notice your accent, and I am wondering, just out of curiosity, are you speaking to me from India?

the lady: yes sir, I am.

Mr. F: Oh! Very interesting. Well, I noticed a $10 charge on my credit card this month for a service I did not request. Can I please have it removed?

the lady: sir, I am looking at your bill, and I see that this charge was for a service that you signed up for, and that was your responsibility to cancel. I can certainly cancel the service for you now, but I am unable to remove last month's charge.

Mr. F: I see. Can you tell me who signed up for this service?

the lady: It appears that Mrs. Friendfather ordered the service.

Mr. F: What! My wife did this?! She has shamed myself and my family, and she will pay dearly for this indiscretion!

the lady: Oh my! sir, that is not necessary! I will gladly remove the charge from last month, and cancel the service immediately.

Mr. F: That is greatly appreciated. Thank you and goodbye.

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